For new hires that come aboard, employers can send collect information from the several methods as follow:

1. Pre-employment form
Before your employee comes aboard and joins the company on altHR, admins can invite employees to fill up their details in a web form which will populate their profiles on the admin dashboard. This option is favourable for employers who prefer to collect new hire information prior to giving them access to the app.

Under People > Pre-employment form, admins are able to select fields and sections that they want to include in the form. Forms can be shared with employees, whose start date have yet to be. On the "Employee and Organisation Lists" page, admins can select to send a pre-employment form to specific employees from the drop down menu of each employees.

2. Checklist
As opposed to the pre-employment form, collecting information via checklist will require employees to already have access to the application. Similar to pre-employment form, admins will be able to select fields which employees need to fill up, with the advantages of being able to configure custom fields and checkboxes

To configure custom fields, go to
People > People Setting > Custom Fields

To create checklist, go to More Modules > Checklist > Create checklist. Customs fields that were created in the previous step can be included in the checklist for employees to fill in.

3. Profile Update
Employers may request for employees to update their information directly 
via the mobile app (iOS & Android) or web app

From the web app, employees can access their employee profile via the menu icon in the top right corner and click "Settings". Similarly from the mobile app, employees can click on the profile icon in the top right corner to access the fields.

Admins can also manage information that are keyed in on employee profiles. Restrictions may be placed for fields that do not allow for editing, approvals can be put in place for fields that need them, and admins can also set up notifications for profile changes. Configurations for editing, approval, and notifications in employee profiles can be done via People > People Setting.

For profile changes that calls for approvals, admins may view and approve the requests under
People > Profile Change Requests

To export new hire information, admins may do so from
People > Import/Export Employees > Export, and key in the desired parameters that need to be exported.