To create a leave policy, you will first have to configure your leave settings (default approval routing, Workday and Public holidays)

Upon configuration, you may create a leave policy choosing from 1 of the 4 categories available. Under
 Leaves > Leave Policies > click "Create New Leave Policy".

All leave categories will allow for the admin to configure its eligibility and entitlement according to a wide range of criteria (tenure, gender, job grade, etc). Admin users may also configure custom routing for certain leave types if it does not conform to the default approval routings.

1. Annual Leave (AL)
AL is generally paid time off work and is a compulsory leave option for all employees. The AL category in altHR allows for pro-rata configurations as well as linking up of emergency leave.

2. Generic Leave (GL)
GL as the name suggests is usually used for leaves that are generic and not pro-rated. Examples that fall into this categry are Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, Unpaid Leave, etc

3. Emergency Leave (EL)
A leave is considered EL when it is submitted within a certain number of days immediate to the actual leave. It is usually tied to an AL policy, and its eligibility follows the respective ALs. Admins can limit the amount of ELs an employee can take in a year.

4. Replacement Credit (RC)
RC is a submission by an employee as replacement for overtime work or work done on non work days. Similar to EL, RC is tied to an AL. A submission of RC, upon approval, will ADD leave balance to the leave policy it is tied to. Similarly, the admin has the choice of implementing a limit on how many RCs an employee can claim in a year

Of the 4 leave types, select the one that matches the company policy requirements and proceed to fill in and configure accordingly.