By default, the Leave module in altHR will come preset with 7 commonly used leave policies. The list of leave policies and entitlements are listed below:

1) Annual Leave - 14 days
2) Sick Leave - 14 days
3) Hospitalisation Leave - 46 days *by Malaysian Labour Law, Sick leave and Hospitalisation leave must add up to 60 days
4) Maternity Leave - 90 days
5) Paternity Leave - 1 day
6) Marriage Leave - 1 day
7) Compassionate Leave - 1 day

If you currently do not have any leave policies, the default policies should suffice. If you would like to turn off any of the default leave policies, simply click the Status toggle to "Inactive".

If you would like to edit any part of the leave policy, eg: leave name, entitlement, eligibility etc, see "How do I edit a leave policy?"