To set up the time tracking module, admins will have to set up the accounts as follow:

1. Job Bands

Admins to enable time tracking module for the relevant Job Bands and select "Fixed" or "Hourly" tracking.

2. Teams

Configure the teams. For each team created, admins are able to set up a geofence and IP address validation. Doing so would mean employees can only clock-in, clock-out and log break times whenever they are within the parameter or area.

The time tracking module will only appear in the app of employees who are created under a team.

To set up your geofence or IP address validation please see conditions and steps below


  1. To use geofence validation, your desired location must have GPS access, i.e underground basement with no signal is not ideal
  2. To set up geofence, all you need is to key in the coordinates of the desired location, and the system will create a 1km radius geofence around the GPS coordinates.
  3. To find GPS coordinates, you may visit google maps, and key in the location or drop a pin in the location. Right-click on the pin and select "What's here"
  4. Google will show the coordinates of the selected location.
  5. Key in the coordinates in altHR and you are good to go!

WiFi IP Address

  1. To use WiFi IP address validation, you must first have a static IP address. If you do not have one or are unsure of your settings, kindly be in touch with your internet service provider (ISP).
  2. To determine your IP address, kindly visit this link: while being connected to the location Wifi. 
  3. Key in the IP address and save your settings for it to be applied. 
  4. If there is more than 1 IP address in use, separate the IP addresses by the semicolon (;). Employees will be able to clock their times when they are connected one of the listed IP addresses

For more information on time tracking, write into