What is Employee Organisation

An employee’s organisation is the department or team your employee is in. Personnel changes are common HR occurrences as employees move across departments and managers change. To begin, admins will have to identify which of the following type of change it is:

Change Employment
This refers to when an employee moves across the organisation into a new position. This can be due to a promotion or to fill a vacant position. Before changing employment, please ensure that the desired position exists in the system and is vacant. To create a vacant position, please read How do I create a vacancy in altHR? 
Transfer Position
Transferring position refers to the movement of a role between or within organisations, retaining their job title and job bands. The employee, along with the position, is moved to a different organisation. This can be due to restructuring of management.

Important note: This article assists you on Change Employment. If an employee is an organisation head, it is not possible to transfer their position away as it is tied to the organisation. Please use Change Employment as written in this article.

To change employee’s position:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Employees.

3. Click on the Active Employees tab.

4. Search for the chosen employee.

5. On the right of the employee, click Actions > View Profile.

6. Click Employment Info.

7. On the right of the section, click Actions > Change Employment.

8. Select the employee's organisation, new position, and other required details. 

9. Confirm by clicking Change Employment.

10. The employee will be moved to the new position.