Managerial changes are complicated as they are tied to employees reporting and approval routing. 

For starters, admins will first need to understand the reporting logic of altHR. altHR's default reporting structure follows the organisation structure and respective heads (unless otherwise set up). Admins may identify the organisation heads from the Organisation Chart page (People > Organisation).

Please refer to example below:

Employees A, B & C who are in the CEO Office Division will report to Wee Tiong Chaw, and employees X, Y & Z in the HR Division will report to Manrick Menon.

Manrick being the Head of HR Division will report to Wee Tiong Chaw, following the organisation chart hierarchy.

From here, admins will have to identify which of the following type of change it is:

  1. The previous manager has resigned and a new manager is taking over the team

    When an employee (or manager) resigns, it leaves a vacant position in altHR. When an organisation head position is vacant, the system will move upwards within the organisation chart seeking the next available manager to inherit the role.

    This can be observed in the organisation chart. Eg. The Head of Product position is currently vacant, and the system has assigned the CEO as acting organisation head until the vacancy is filled. this would mean that all employees previously reporting to the Head of Product would now report to the CEO until the vacancy is filled.

    When HR hires a replacement for the manager that has left, they can hire the new manager into the existing position, taking over all existing routings and reportings in the system.

    People > Employee > Click "+Add New" > Select "Use Existing Position" > Fill in relevant details
    For more information please read How do I hire employees onto altHR?

  2. Employees are temporarily assigned to a different manager for project purposes

    In instances where employees are put on projects and require a separate manager's approval for their leaves or expenses, admins can change the reporting manager in altHR by going to People > Employee > Search for employee > Click "Action" > Select "View Profile" > Select "Employment Info" > Click "Actions" > Select "Edit Position Profile" > In the manager field, search and select the new manager.

    To revert the changes after the temporary assignment, simply click on the "x" by the manager name and the system will revert to the default reporting manager.

Once admin has updated the manager, any further requests by the employee will be routed to the new manager. If there are existing requests, please click into the respective leave/expense/travel requests and click on "Refresh Approval Routing" for it to pend the new manager.

If the reporting line does not reflect the new manager, please check in approval routing if there are any custom routings set for the employee. You may also write in to if you need further assistance.