The organisation chart for your company can be found under People > Organisations

Your account will come with 3 default levels, Division, Department and Section. You may configure it accordingly to reflect your actual organisation structure (Company > Profile > Structure).

Please refer to the example organisation chart below:

Each organisation will have an organisation head. Eg, The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is the organisation head for the Marketing division, and the Head of Digital Marketing is the organisation head of the Digital Marketing department

By setting an employee as the organisation head, the system will automatically recognise that employee as the manager to the other employees within the organisation. Employees who are in the Marketing division would report to the CMO and employees in the Digital Marketing department will report to the Head of Digital Marketing.

In cases where there is no organisation head for an organisation, the system will move up the structure to search for the next organisation manager, having him/her inherit the role. Eg. If the Head of Digital Marketing position is vacant, the CMO will inherit the role of being the organisation manager for the Digital Marketing department until the role is filled. 

If there are exceptions to your reporting structure, you may edit the reporting manager details within each respective employee's profile (People > Employee > search for employee > click "Action" > select "View Profile" > select "Employment Info" > click "Action" > select "Edit Position Profile" > change manager information > Submit)