To set up carry forward leave under the Annual Leave policy:

If you've already had an existing annual leave policy:

  1. Head to Leaves > Policies
  2. Select the annual leave policy you want to enable the carry forward leave
  3. Click Edit on the right hand side of the list
  4. Scroll down to section 5: Carry Forward
  5. Click Yes to enable Carry Forward Leave settings
  6. Toggle on the Automatic if you want the leave to be carried forward automatically (kindly read the description in the admin dashboard for more info on what manual and automatic carry forward is)
  7. Add a carry forward limit
  8. Set employee eligibility (It can be set for all employees or based on an entitlement)
  9. Set an expiry date for the leave

If this is your first time setting up an annual leave policy:

  1. Head to Leaves > Policies
  2. Click Create Leave Policy on the right-hand side of the main section.
  3. Select Annual Leave
  4. Click Create Policy
  5. Fill in the details for your Annual Leave policy
  6. Enable Carry Forward Leave under section 5: Carry Forward
  7. Follow steps 3 to 9 in method 1