Once the Carry Forward setting, only annual leaves can be carried forward automatically. Replacement credit is NOT included in the annual leaves. This policy is practiced by most companies.

For example:

An employee has a balance of 10 days in his annual leave where 8 days are annual leave and 2 days are replacement credit. If the company sets that a maximum of 10 days of leave can be carried forward to next year/cycle, when leave cycle refreshes, he will only see 8 days being carried forward.

You may read more on how Replacement Credit works.

What if my company wants to allow employees to carry forward their replacement credit along with annual leaves?

In this situation, you have 2 methods to enable employees to carry forward the leaves:

  1. Enable carry forward leave automatically under the annual leave policy and make general adjustments to their annual leaves in the next cycle
  2. Manually adjust the carry forward leave balance