• What is a customised push notification:

A customised push notification allows you to send a message that pops up on your employee's mobile device. Have an important announcement that needs to reach out to all employees instantly? This is a great function to do it.

  • Can I select a group to push the company notifications?

No. Currently, all notifications that you create under the Company Module will be sent to ALL employees.

  • Reminders:

Employees will not receive push notifications if:

1. They do not enable push notification for altHR on their mobile setting

2. They are logged out of altHR account

  • To send customised pushed notifications to your employees:

1. Head to Company > Company Notifications

2. Fill in the title and the content that you want to notify all your employees

3. Click Publish

4. Click Confirm to push the notification out to all your employee's mobile device.

5. Once the notification is sent successfully, you will see the pop-out below.

6. Done! Your employees will now receive a push notification on their mobile! Please give a few minutes before the push notification is sent out.