• What's the use of Replacement Credits

Chinese New Year or Deepavali falls on a Saturday? Do sales team members work over the weekend for a campaign? And you would like to credit your employees a replacement credit for them to use as annual leave? 

This article will help you out.

  • To add replacement credit to all employees:

1. Head to Leaves > Balances

2. Click More Actions for a drop down

3. Select Replacement Credit

4. Select No to "Give Replacement Credit to selected employees".

5. Select Yes to "Apply Company Wide".

6. Select the date that employees are working on.

7. Key in the number of days your company decides to credit for the replacement.

8. Select the leave policy your company would like to credit it to.

9. Choose when you would want the replacement credit to expire.

10. Click Confirm

  • To add replacement credit to selected employees:

Option A: Select Employee / Positions 

You are able to select the employees by keying in their names or positions. This option is useful when you only want to add replacement credits to the sales team who have worked over the weekend for the roadshow.

Option B: Select Locations

You are able to select the specific offices, countries or states. This option is good for those who want to apply the replacement credits for festive days e.g. Chinese New Year to only countries or offices that celebrate those events.