• What is Default Approval Routing

Setting up a default approval routing will allow employees' leave requests to be automatically routed to the managers or approvers-in-charge for approval. All the approval routings set in this list (image below) will be applied to all the leave polcies that you've selected to apply default approval routing.

This means, if you have chosen "Yes" to apply default approval routing in your policy e.g. annual leave policy, the list of approval routing you've set above will apply.

  • Ameerul's annual leave requests will go to the Head of Department
  • Arsat Ali and Nahualan's leave requests will go to LM > MoM
  • All the employees in Sales and Digital Marketing will go to MoM > Head of Division
  • All other employees which are not specifcally mentioned here will go to LM

  • To set default approval routings for leaves:

Note: before you set up approval routings for leaves, you need to first set up the general approval routings under the People Module

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click Leaves > Settings.

3. Click on Default Approval Routing tab.

4. Click Create Default Approval Routing.

5. Select the Group that you'd like the approval routing to be applied to. 

  • All employees

  • Organisation - type the organisations name. You can select more than ONE organisation.

  • Employees - key in the employees' name. You can select more than ONE employee.

  • Job Band - select the job bands based on need. Use case: All management team have to get approval from CEO.

6. Select the approval routings you require. You can add the a few layers of approvers if required simply by adding the + button. 

For the example above, the first approval request would go to their Line Manager and the second approval request would go to the Head of Department.

7. Select the no. of days (if applicable). Leaving it zero means that it will not go to the next approver until the first approver has approved. If you put 5 days for the first approval route, once it exceed 5 days, the approver would go directly to the next approver for approval.

8. Confirm by clicking Confirm and you're done.

9. (Optional) If you'd like to run a check to make sure everyone is included, click Download Report.