What is Look & Feel

Have a brand or text colour in mind? Thinking of incorporating it into the altHR app? Well lucky for you, the Custom Look & Feel allows you to incorporate your company’s logo, brand and text colour into altHR! Here’s how it looks like:

Give your own app a fresh coat of paint

To set up custom look and feel for the mobile app:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, click Company > Profile.

2. Click the Profile Tab at the top.

3. Scroll down. Look and feel is at the bottom section.

4. Turn on the button on the right of the section to activate it.

5. Select or key in the colour for Brand Colour and Brand Text Colour.

- Available colour format: HEX, RGB, HSV

6. Click Upload Custom Brand Logo and select your company logo photo to upload. The Logo size should be at least 180 x 180.

7. Click Save once you're done.

8. Confirm by clicking Confirm.