• What is EIS

The Employment Insurance System (EIS) is a financial scheme aimed at helping employees who lost their jobs until they find new employment. The contributions are being collected in a fund in order to provide financial assistance to retrenched employees.

Admins can quickly manage employees’ EIS information via the Payroll > Compensation page.

  • To enable EIS contribution:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, click Payroll > Compensation.

2. Search for the employee's name.

3. On the right, click View.

4. Click Statutory. You will be redirected to People > Compensation > Statutory Details.

5. Click Edit.

6. Scroll down to update the information EIS Contribution. Tick the EIS Contribution to switch it on.

7. Confirm by clicking Confirm.

To understand more about how to manage employee compensation, watch this video: https://youtu.be/Alq4IRvbzE0