• What is TP1 tax relief

The TP1 is an income tax form that is given to the employer by the employee to ensure that the MTD (monthly tax deductions) have taken into account the necessary rebates and deductions. This allows the employee to claim any TP1 item for a specific month or a specific period, on an annual basis. This is an optional tax rebate scheme.

If you need to, you can quickly manage employees’ TP1 tax reliefs via the Payroll > Compensation page.


  • To add employee’s own Zakat contribution:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Others > Payroll > Compensation.

2. Search for the employee's name.

3. On the right, click View.

4. Click TP1 tax relief.

5. Click Add Item.

6. Scroll down. On the right of D1(a) Zakat…, click Add.

7. Enter the amount and select the month.

8. Confirm by clicking Submit.

  • To understand more on how to manage employee compensation, watch this video: