• What are company’s statutory information

You are able to store your company’s statutory information in altHR. Once you’ve updated these, the information will respectively be set automatically when generating forms requiring these numbers. 

  • Where to find these information:

  • EPF number - KWSP Borang 6 under nombor rujukan majikan

  • SOCSO number - SOCSO Borang E8 under nombor kod majikan

  • LHDN employer number - LHDN Form E

  • E-number - LHDN Form E (Number without the E at the beginning)

  • C-number - LHDN Form E under nombor cukai pendapatan (without the first 2 digits)

  • Zakat - Zakat forms filed with the state’s Zakat audit

  • To update company's statutory information for payroll details:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, click Others > Payroll > Settings.

2. Click on the Company Payroll Details tab.

3. Scroll down. Enter the company's statutory information.

4. Confirm by clicking Save.

  • Full video on "How to Configure Payroll Settings":