• What is Pay Run Settings

Payroll information terms you should know:

Monthly Pay DayDay of the month employees get paid
Salary Calculation Cut Off DateDays ahead of payday that salary calculation is cut off

For example:

If your monthly payday is the 28th of the month and salary calculation cuts off 7 days ahead, any employee joining after the 21st of the month will be paid during next month’s payroll. They will receive next month’s pay in a full and prorated amount from the previous month.

  • To modify pay run settings:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Others > Payroll > Settings.

2. Click on the Pay Run Settings tab.

3. Select the desired setting for the Monthly Pay Day and Salary Calculation Cut-Off Date.

4. Confirm by clicking Save Pay Run Settings.

  • Full video on "How to Configure Payroll Settings":