What are Pay Items

  • Pay items are the components that make up your employee’s monthly salary.
  • There are four categories of pay items you can use in the payroll module:

CategoryExample of Pay Items
1Normal (Remuneration)Allowances, usually fixed allowances that are paid on a fixed basis and the amount does not vary in a different month
2Additional (Remuneration)One-off or ad-hoc pay items such as bonuses and commissions
3Overtime (Pay)Normal overtime, overtime on the rest day and public holiday
4DeductionThis is the only pay item that decreases employee’s pay. Examples include unpaid leave, advances, zakat deduction, and more.

To set and configure pay items

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Payroll > Settings.

2. Click on the Set Pay Items tab.

3. Select the category that you'd like to add or edit the pay items.

4. Select the desired setting by ticking (untick to deselect) appropriately for each statutory entitlement for the pay item.

5. Click Add New Pay Item to add any pay item that is not on the list yet. (New pay item name must not be duplicated with existing pay item's name)

Note: The system has a list of preset pay items which serve as a reference for users - as the nature of the pay item such as frequency of payment, payment purposes, and payment terms could vary for different companies, please only use the preset pay items when it deemed fits to your existing pay item settings. If the preset pay items settings are different from your current settings, please add a new pay item. 

To add new pay items

Wages subjected to EPF/SOCSO/PCB/HRDF

Note: Company admin are advised to contact the relevant statutory bodies to confirm the statutory entitlement as different natures of pay items could result in different entitlement/exemption. The below information serves as a general guideline taken from the statutory's website for reference.

EPF (source):

SOCSO (source):

PCB/ Income Tax:

HRDF (source):

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