Disclaimer: The content of this article pertains to the altHR payroll module (not PayrollPanda). As of this date, the altHR payroll module has been discontinued as we form a new partnership with PayrollPanda to bring forth enhanced payroll solutions for our users.

What is in the payroll report

  • The payroll report shows employee statutory details and a breakdown of their pay. This includes statutory contributions such as EPF, SOCSO, etc. The payroll report is available in Excel format.

How to download payroll report:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Payroll > Run Payroll.

2. Select the month.

3. Wait for the page to load and scroll down. 

4. Click "Download" and you can select Summary Report or Detailed Report. 

What is the difference between the Summary & Detailed Report. 

Summary Report
Detailed Report

An overview of salaries and statutory contributions

On top of the overview, it includes the breakdown of pay items that you have added for the payroll month.

Examples of pay items: Allowances, commission, bonus, OT, unpaid leave, CP38, Zakat

You may download this if you only want to look at the total amount. You can also share this report with your management team that requires an overview instead of a detailed breakdown.

You may download this if you need to check each pay item thoroughly. It is also useful when you need to share the report with your finance team that requires more detailed information.

5. After selecting the payroll report that you need, you will be taken to the Report Status page. Once the payroll report is ready, click "Download".  
*You can click “Refresh” to check on the status.