If you are using both the Expenses and Payroll module on altHR, you can pull your expenses information into your Payroll module.

  • To integrate the expenses with the Payroll module:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Others > Payroll > Settings.

2. Select the altHR Integration tab.

3. Tick Expenses.

4. Click Save Integrations.

5. Head to Others > Payroll > Run Payroll.

6. Ensure that it is the month that you are running payroll.

7. Click altHR Integrations button and select Get Processed Expense.

8. Select the Payout date of the processed expenses that you would like to pull the information from.

9. Click Confirm.

Kindly take note that the Payout date is based on the date you have processed the expenses in your Expenses module. If you are new and unsure of how the processed expenses work, here are some articles to help you out:

Expenses Process: Approved, To Process and History

How to process expenses for payouts

10. You can now see that the expense claims under the payout date have been automatically added under the additional remuneration of the respective employee.