Before running your first payroll, you must fill in company's information in the Payroll module and employees' information in the People module. Failure to do so will prevent you from running payroll or result in an incorrect payroll calculation.

There are a total of six (6) main areas that are mandatory to fill before running payroll:

People1) Employee's Details

Personal Info

Employment Info


2) CompensationCompensation Details (To bulk upload)

Bank details

Statutory details

Previous Employment Income (To bulk upload)

Payroll3) SettingsCompany Payroll Details

1. Company Bank Information

2. Company Statutory Information

3. Officer's Information

Pay Run Settings
Set Pay Items
Payslip Settings
altHR Integrations (only if applicable)
  1. Expenses: To pay out processed expense claims in Payroll
  2. Documents: To send employee's payslip to altHR Documents module in employee's Mobile/Web app
4) CompensationEmployee's Income Tax Details
Employee's TP1 Tax Relief (To add if applicable)
5) Run PayrollFirst Ever Pay Run
Basic Steps:
1. Prepare Pay Run page
  • A list of employees will appear in a table. If the employees' details are correct, a blue "Manage" button will appear

2. Add Pay Items to employees

3. Click "Run Payroll"

4. Confirm pay run

5. Completed Pay Run

  • If the blue "Manage" button does not appear, then click on the "Refresh Payroll" button
Additional items

1) Expenses integration

2) Import Pay Items

6) Completed Pay RunPay employees and statutory bodies via bank report
Download statutory PDF reports
Download LHDN e-CP39 txt file
Send Payslip to employees' app via altHR Documents module
Input tax receipt for PCB2(II) report purposes
Download altHR Excel payroll report