What is leave entitlement

Leave Entitlement is the amount of leaves an employee is entitled to in a year. This entitlement is usually written in the employee’s contract. This section shows you how to modify leave entitlement for individual employees.

To modify leave entitlement for an employee:

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  2. Click Leaves > Balances.

  3. Search for the employee.

  4. On the right, click View to show more details.

  5. Scroll down to Leave Policies.

  6. Select the leave policy you wish to modify.

  7. On the right, click Modify.

  8. Select type of modification. Select Add to increase entitlement days or Deduct to decrease

      entitlement days.

  9. Enter the number of days.

10. Select expiry date. Select Current Cycle or Never Expires. Selecting Current Cycle

      means the modification will expire at the end of the current annual cycle.

11. Select Show to Employee as General Adjustment. This allows the new leave balance to

      be visible by the employee in their app.

12. Confirm by clicking Confirm.