What is approval routing

Setting up an approval routing will allow employee requests to be automatically routed to the appropriate managers for approval. It is available and not limited to, a few sections of the admin dashboard, namely:

  • People > Settings - This is the main library where all possible approval routings are stored. Approval routings must first be set up under the People module before it can be used in other modules such as leaves and expenses. Make sure to include everyone, or the ones you missed out won’t be able to submit requests.
  • Leaves > Settings 
  • Expenses > Settings

Certain modules in altHR require an approval routing set up, such as leaves, expenses, transactions, and documents. For example, when an employee applies to take a leave, the company has to decide who needs to approve this leave request.  Some company policies only require the direct managers to approve it and “sign off”, while some require more than one approval level. This can all be set up digitally in altHR. Once set up, employees can conveniently check on their AltHR app if their requests for leaves or expenses have been approved and completed. 

When approval routings are created in the People module, they are not applied anywhere yet. All possible routings are just stored in a list here for you to select from when setting up approval routings on each module separately, after which the feature will be applied and active.

To set up your approval routing library in the People module:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Settings.

3. Click on the Approval Routing Tab.

4. On the right of the section, click Create New.

5. Select the first level approver for the employee/organisation. For example, a personal 

    assistant to a HOD or a particular employee’s name.

6. Click + button to add the next level of approver.

7. Select the second level approver for the employee/organisation, if necessary. For example,

    Head of Department (HOD).

8. You can add up to 5 levels of approvers.

9. Confirm by clicking Confirm.

Once set up, this approval routing should be available to set up in the leaves, expenses, travel and documents module.

More information on general approval routings, please read this article:

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