What happens after an employee is terminated

Employees allows admins to view, add, edit employees in the organisation. Active employees are staff members that are currently working for your company. Resigned employees are staff that are no longer working for your company. 

You are able to set the final working date for terminated employees. Once an employee is set as terminated, they can still be viewed in the Active Employees tab tagged as Resigned, along with the working days remaining under the status column. After the termination date has passed, the employee will automatically be moved to the Resigned Employees tab.

To terminate employees or set them as resigned:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Employees.

3. Click on the Active Employees tab.

4. Search for the employee you wish to terminate.

5. On the right of the employee, click Actions > View Profile.

6. Click Employment Info.

7. On the right of the section, click Actions > Terminate.

8. Fill in the employee’s termination information.

9. Confirm by clicking Change Employment.

10. The employee will be listed under the Resigned Employees tab once their final working date has passed.

Note: Terminated employees will lose access to altHR once it reaches their last employment date. Upon termination, the position will also be vacant in altHR, and admins will be able to hire new joiners into the position. Please read this article:  

How to hire or add employees into the database

Admins will not be able to rehire terminated employees on altHR. To do so, please write in to support@althr.my with the following details:

Company name as in altHR:

Company admin: 

Reason: Please rehire terminated employee

Resigned employee Details:


Employee ID:

Employee email: