What is time tracking

The time tracking module on AltHR allows you to view and set up a digital “clock in, clock out” system for your employees. There are two simple settings here:

Job Band

Set up the maximum daily working hours of employees in different job bands. The job bands available here are pulled from the set up you have done in the Company module. Job bands must be set up when setting up time tracking. This is to ensure that a job band is able to use Time Tracking. Turning it off will prevent that job band from using Time Tracking.

Set up teams and their time tracking settings.

How does the Daily Max Hours under job band in Time Tracking work

When a daily maximum hour limit is set, employees that exceed this limit for the day will have the extra hours appear in the OT column of their time tracking report. There will be no notification or warning sent to employees or admins if the employee exceeds the max hours.

To set up time tracking according to job bands:

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  2. Click Time Tracking.

  3. Click on the Settings Tab.

  4. Click on the Job Bands Tab.

  5. Expand the job band you wish to edit.

  6. Click Edit.

  1. Click on the toggle switch to enable Time Tracking.

  2. Select Fixed or Hourly working hours.

  3. Enter the maximum daily working hours.

  4. Click Update.

  5. Confirm by clicking OK.