How to manage what external agents have access to

External agents are people outside of your company that are helping you with your day-to-day business activities, for example, a travel desk, someone managing payroll for you, or even an external hiring team that is hiring for your organisation. Admins are able to give external agents limited access to only certain areas of the altHR admin dashboard that they will need access to. Different levels of access can be assigned to an individual or group of employees by creating access policies.  

Note: Before assigning altHR admin access to an external agent, make sure that you have already created an organisation in altHR for the external agent. If you have not, go to How to set up external agent

To assign limited admin roles and access to an external agent:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Company > Role Management.

2. Click on the Access Policy Tab.

3. Click Add Policy.

4. Fill in the policy name, select the agents and the By Permission option, and tick the specific modules or

    sub-modules you wish to give those external agents access to. 

5. Confirm by clicking Confirm.

6. When the external agents you have logged under the External Agent policy log into altHR, they will only

    be able to view the modules or sub-modules you have given them access to.