Before running payroll, you must fill in certain company information in the Payroll module and employee information in the People module. Failure to do so will prevent you from running payroll or result in an incorrect payroll calculation.

There are a total of nine (9) items that are mandatory to fill before running payroll. The nine (9) items fall under two (2) categories:

  1. Your company’s payroll information, and

  2. Your employees’ information.

For detailed explanation, please refer What are the prerequisites before I run first payroll

To select and exclude employee from payroll list:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Payroll > Run Payroll.

2. On the left of the employee, untick the checkbox to exclude the employee or tick 

    the checkbox to select the employee.

3. If prompted, enter a reason. This remark will appear in the employee’s Action column. 

4. Confirm by clicking Confirm.

5. To confirm employee exclusion, search for the employee by their name or ID.

6. Under the Action column, the reason you’ve entered earlier should be shown.