If you only start using altHR Payroll in the middle of the year e.g. August 2021 and you would like to migrate the payroll data of January to July 2021 from your old system to altHR, our system allows you to upload it all.

1. Employees' Compensation Migration. 

  • Employees' compensation is to update information such as Salary rate, Bank Info, Statutory Info, and Previous Employment Income. 
  • Previous employment income is the income the employees earned and the statutory contributions they paid in other companies before joining your company in the current calendar year. Inputting accurate previous employment income allows for an accurate PCB/MTD calculation in the current month's payroll. 

2. Previous Pay Runs.

  • Previous Pay Run is particularly important for tax calculation for all existing employees if you are migrating to altHR from another payroll system in the middle of the year. With Previous Pay Runs updated, the YTD remuneration and contribution will be captured to ensure accuracy in tax calculation.

To bulk import employees' compensation information:

1. On the left of the admin panel, head to Payroll > Settings.

2. Select the Import Compensation tab.

3. Choose the template altHR Full Compensation Migration.

4. Download the template. Fill in the required data in the sheet by following the instruction and help text.

5. Once you have completed it, upload the attachment.

6. Click Start Import. If you run into an error while uploading it, kindly read through the failure report to fix the error identified by the system. Upload again with the fixed data.

7. Once you have completed, you will see that the data is reflected under Payroll > Compensation. You may check the payroll data for each month on the dashboard or download the overall payroll report for each month.

We also advise that you spot check a few employee's payroll summary to see if it is reflected correctly based on your input.

To bulk import previous pay runs:

1. Head to Payroll > Settings on the left panel of the admin dashboard.

2. Select Import Compensation.

3. Select altHR Previous Pay Run. 

4. Download the template and fill in the required information in the excel sheet. Ensure to follow the instructions and format. Please fill in with accurate data for the previous months as this will affect your payroll calculation when you start running payroll on altHR.

5. Once you have completed the excel template and checked that the data is correct, proceed to upload the attachment on the same page.

6. Click Start Import

Once it is done, you can find the uploaded Previous Pay Run in Payroll > Run Payroll > select the month.

IMPORTANT: Before running payroll, please check the Previous Pay Runs that you've imported to ensure all the details are correct.

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