1. Head to the left panel on your admin dashboard, click Payroll > Settings

2. Scroll down to Statutory Information and turn on HRDF contribution for your Company at Payroll Settings. 

3. Select the HRDF contribution percentage based on the number of Malaysian employees you have in your company. Please ensure your organisation is registered under HRDF.

  • Companies with 5-9 Malaysian employees contribute 0.5% per employee
  • Companies with 10 or more Malaysian employees contribute 1% per employee

4. Turn on HRDF contribution for each of the Malaysian employees. Head to People > Employees and look for the employee name.

5. Click View Profile under the Actions dropdown.

6. Head to Compensation > Statutory Details and click Edit.

7. Scroll to the section Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) Details and tick HRDF Contribution for the employee. Click Confirm.

8.  Once you have completed the above steps, you will then see an extra HRDF field under "Company Contribution" at Payroll > Run Payroll > Employee > Manage.

Do note that HRDF contribution is an employer-only contribution.

9. After you have clicked to "Run Payroll", you will then see a "Total Payable to HRDF" field under the Payroll Summary.

10. You can then proceed to HRDF's e-TRIS system to make payment