Disclaimer: The content of this article pertains to the altHR payroll module (not PayrollPanda). As of this date, the altHR payroll module has been discontinued as we form a new partnership with PayrollPanda to bring forth enhanced payroll solutions for our users.

What is Edit Salary & How does it work?

Edit salary allows the user to change the amount of the monthly basic salary of the employee during the monthly payroll processing (run payroll) without changing the employee's compensation record in the employee people profile. 

It is advised to utilize this function in the below situations:

  • The employee is a new joiner or resignee, and their salary pro-ration calculation is not the same with altHR
  • Ad-hoc salary changes 
  • It will not require any effective date
  • The edited salary only will only one-time-off change the monthly basic salary for the specific payroll month, it will not permanently change the following month's 

If the employee is permanently increasing or decreasing in their monthly basic salary, please proceed to their employee profile to change the salary in the compensation tab to record. Learn more >> How to update employee's salary rate & effective date

How to Edit Salary?

  1. Log in to your admin account
  2. Head to Payroll > Run Payroll 
  3. Select the desired employee > Manage 
  4. On the Monthly Salary > Click on the edit icon 
  5. Key in the desired amount > Save The statutory (EPF, SOCSO, EIS & PCB) 
  6. The statutory (EPF, SOCSO, EIS, PCB & HRDF) will be recalculated based on the edited salary rate