Disclaimer: The content of this article pertains to the altHR payroll module (not PayrollPanda). As of this date, the altHR payroll module has been discontinued as we form a new partnership with PayrollPanda to bring forth enhanced payroll solutions for our users.

altHR currently supports Hong Leong Bank's bulk payroll and statutory bank file. By using the bulk files, you can bulk upload the payment details in 1 click away and pay to all your employee's bank accounts AND to the statutory bodies.

Supported HLB portal:

  • Hong Leong ConnectFirst
  • Hong Leong ConnectBiz

Available Bulk files:

  1. Payroll (Salary)
  2. EPF
  3. SOCSO
  4. EIS
  5. LHDN 

Overview of HLB Bulk Payment Flow

Here, we summarize a flow chart for you to easily understand what are the processes involved for a successful bulk payment in HLB:

Register for EPF & SOCSO access with Hong Leong Bank

For users who are first-time performing bulk file uploads for EPF & SOCSO & EIS, please register your EPF & SOCSO employer number with Hong Leong bank by emailing the below details to cmp@hlbb.hongleong.com.myor contact your Relationship Manager:

  • Company account number
  • Company name
  • Company ID - provided by the bank upon successful registration
  • Employer EPF number
  • Employer SOCSO number

***Please register this in advance, at least 2 weeks, before your planned date for uploading the bulk bank files.

Change Bank in Payroll Setting

  • Head to Payroll > Settings > Company Payroll Details > Bank > Select Hong Leong Bank from the dropdown > Scroll to the bottom click "Continue & Next"

EPF & SOCSO Test File Process

Upon successful registration, you are required to upload a TEST FILE first for submission of EPF and SOCSO file- the purpose of doing so is that EPF & SOCSO requires to check the file paid via the banking portal is matching and have no issue when doing the LIVE payment file moving forward. Once the TEST FILE is approved, you will receive a letter from EPF/SOCSO, only after that you can upload the LIVE FILE. 

You are advised to upload the TEST file at least 10-14 working days before the exact payment date of your EPF & SOCSO payment as the approval will take time at least 10 days. Please be reminded that the deadline for EPF & SOCSO payment is before the 15th of every month. If the approval is not granted before the deadline, please proceed to the file upload and payment via iAkaun (EPF) & ASSIST (SOCSO & EIS).

Don't worry, TEST file is just to test out the file whether it works, NO AMOUNT WILL BE DEDUCTED.

NOTE: Hong Leong Bank's SOCSO and EIS contribution amount DOES NOT support the new SOCSO & EIS rate that take effect on 1st September 2022; therefore, HLB still maintains the maximum amount for SOCSO & EIS contributions are RM88.80 (SOCSO) and RM15.80 (EIS); this being said, if the contributions are more than the said amounts, Hong Leong Bank system WILL NOT be able to accept it - So, if your employee has the contribution amount more than the said amounts, please use ASSIST portal to submit your SOCSO & EIS contributions.

Follow the below steps to download & upload EPF/SOCSO/EIS Test File:

  1. Go to Run Payroll/ Payroll History for the desired payroll month > Scroll to the bottom and click Pay Via Bank Report 
  2. Select your payment date > Cick Confirm to proceed to download
  3. Select "First Time" in this pop-up
    If this is your First time of the month download and upload the file in the HLB portal, click FIRST TIME
    If you already uploaded 1 time, and maybe made mistake and unprocess payroll and redownload the same bank file to upload, click NOT FIRST TIME.
  4. You will download 1 zip file with 2 folders in it - Hong Leong ConnectFirst and Hong Leong ConnectBiz. Use the file according to which HLB portal you're using. 

Hong Leong ConnectBIZ

  1. Login yourConnectBiz > Payment Services > Choose KWSP Payment for EPF file upload or SOCSO Payment for SOCSO & EIS file upload
  2. Fill in the necessary information > Payment date must be the same that you selected during the download file from altHR, Submission type choose "Registration (Test)" > Upload the downloaded EPF/SOCSO file inside HongLeongConnectBiz folder
  3. Enter the mobile number OR email address to receive notification >Click Confirm to proceed

Hong Leong ConnectFIRST

  1. Login to your HLB ConnectFirst > Payments > Bulk Payment 
  2. Key in details > Select downloaded altHR ConnectFirst's EPF or SOCSO/EIS file > Proceed 

Perform Bulk Payment 

For salary & LHDN, you can proceed with the bulk payment at anytime after enrolling bulk payment access with HLB. And you can also upload EPF & SOCSO LIVE files once it is approved. You may follow the steps as per the guide below,

Hong Leong ConnectBiz

Kindly refer to the guidelines as per HLB portal at: https://www.hlb.com.my/Connect_Biz/userGuide2.htm?t=01025

Hong Leong ConnectFirst

Kindly refer to the guidelines as per HLB portal at (pg.19): https://www.hlb.com.my/HLBCF_userguide