For YA2023 E-Data Praisi requirements by LHDN, there are a few pieces of information that are COMPULSORY to generate in the txt file before submission, missing such information will cause failure to upload the txt file to the MyTax system.

Therefore, please ensure that you update ALL employee's below (2) information before downloading the E-Data Praisi (YA2023):

  1. Income Tax Profile
    • Head to Payroll > Compensation > View Employee > Income Tax
    • Please select and fill in the information:
      • Resident Status: Resident/ Non-Resident/ Knowledge Worker/ Return Expert Program
      • Category: 
        • Category 1- Single
        • Category 2- Married, Spouse not working
        • Category 3 - Married, Spouse is working
      • If the employee has children, please fill in the number of children who are eligible to tax relief

  2. Contract Type & Time Type
    • Head to People > Employees > Select Employee> View Profile
    • Employment Info > At Action, click Edit Position Profile > Select "Contract Type" & "Time Type" accordingly:
      • Contract Type: Permanent, Contract, Director, Internship, Secondment-Outwards, Secondment-Inwards, Protege, Management Trainee, Contingent, Outsource, Agency. Consultant.
        • Note: If the employee has contract expiry date, please select "Contract" and indicate the contract start date and end date.

        • For Permanent/Director/Secondment-Outwards/Secondment-Inwards:

          The contract end date showing in E-Data Praisi will be the employee's retirement date (60 years on DOB, eg. DOB 1993-11-15, retirement date in E-Data Praisi is 2053-11-15).

        • For Contract/ Internship/ Protege/ Management Trainee/ Contigent/Agency/ Outsourced:

          Unless the contract end date is indicated (as per the note above), the default contract end date is 1 year after First Day at Work.

      • Time Type: Full-time, Part-time
    • Click "Confirm" to save.

Facing issue that MyTax said failed to upload due to lacking of information/ missing information????

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