To set up a company profile:

1. Upon login, admins will land on the "Company Profile" page. From there, admins are able to edit the company profile. If you are not on the main page, head to Company > Profile on the left panel.

2. Click Edit on the right of each section.

There are 2 sections to edit:

Section 1: Basic information

Basic information: Company name, business registration number, industry, and company description

Contact information: Contact number, email address, fax number, and website

Section 2: Address information

Addresses and time zone

1. Fill in the details. Certain fields are mandatory.

2. Confirm by clicking Confirm.


It is crucial to update the company address as this will affect the leaves and public holidays settings later on. As the holidays would be suggested based on your location.

Section 3: Look and Feel


Customize look and feel of the app: Brand Color and Text Color, Brand Logo 


  1. Select desired colors 

  2. Upload Custome Brand Logo 

  3. To confirm changes, click Save