What is Job Bands

In an organisation that has defined job bands, they are used to distinguish the level of compensation given to certain ranges of jobs. It also helps set expectations for the employee where the higher they are, the larger the scope of work becomes. Job Bands are usually made up of two parts, the Job Group and the Job Grade.

It would be useful to set up job bands for the employees, which may be used as a criteria to determine eligibility or entitlement for policies later on. All companies are set up with the Default Job Group and Default Job Grade, you may edit it to match your organisation set up.

To sum up, a Job Group is the collective group of employees that fall within a certain level of your company, whereas Job Grade allows your company to define salary bands (or pay ranges) within that Job Group.

To add new Job Band:

1. On the left panel of the admin dashboard, head to Company > Profile.

2. Click Job Bands tab on the headers section.

3. Click Add New Job Band on the top right of the header section.

4. Key in the Job Group Code and Job Group Name.

To add new Job Grade:

Note: This is the Job Grade under this same Job Group that you want to park them under. See image below to see how it is displayed and the relationship between Job Group and Job Grade.

1. After you are done keying in the Job Group Code and Job Group Name, click Add Job Grade

2. Key in the Job Grade Code and Job Grade Name.

3. Set the minimum and maximum amount for that particular Job Grade.

4. Confirm by clicking Confirm.

To edit Job Band:

1. Select the group that you'd like to edit by clicking Edit.

2. Edit the Job Group fields if required.

3. Click Edit  to edit the job grade you'd like to edit.