To add a new employee into the system, admins can either hire them into an existing vacant position or create a new position. By going to People > Employee > click "Add Employee", admins can select to hire to existing position or to create a new one.

The admin will need to fill in the new employee information and assign a new position (if creating a new position).

When hiring new employees onto the system, admins should pay extra attention on "When to send the invitation?" under advanced settings. Admins can configure to send the invitation email to employees on their first day, or not to send at all. Once employees receive the invitation email, they will gain full access to the company modules available on the mobile app.

For new hires, admins can send a pre-employment form to employees or construct a checklist to collect information from employees so they can update their profiles directly. To understand further, please read "How do I collect new hire information?"

If admins are hiring a group of employees, kindly read "How do I import my employees in bulk?"