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  1. What is the Employee's Sub Module 
  2. How To Add New Hire 
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  3. How to Send Invitation to Activate Profile 
    • Method 1
    • Method 2 
    • Employee Statuses

What is the Employee's Sub Module

Employees is the sub module that serves as the employees database in altHR. Here, admins are able to add, view, edit and terminate employee profiles, as well as move employees into different parts of the organisational chart. Admins are able to view both currently active employees as well as past employees who have already resigned or been terminated. 

To Add New Hire 

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Employees.

3. Click on the Active Employees tab.

4. On the right of the section, click Add New.

5. Admins can select Create New Position if there currently is no vacant position for this employee to fill.

Note: if a vacant position is already available in any organisation (such as Head of Organisation) click on Use Existing Position. For more information on Positions and how to create them read: What are Positions?

6. Fill in or edit the required employee information.

Information to Fill:

1. Organisation - Which organisation this new position will be in. 

2. Legal Full Name - employee's full name according to Identification

3. Identification Type - Choose between National ID, Passport or Driver's License 

4. Identification Number 

5. Username - Choose between Phone Number or Email Address. this will be the username that your

    employees must use when logging into their employee profiles. 

6. Email Address (Or phone number if Phone Number was selected for Username Type) - This is the email or

    phone number employees will use for their Username

6. Functional Title - The Title of this Position that will be held by the employee. 

7. First Day of Work - This will determine the Length of service of this employee and will affect things such as

    Leaves Pro Rata settings and Eligibility for certain policies in altHR.

7. Under Advanced Settings, key in the Employee's Employee Number - This is important for identification of

    the employee's profile in the system

8. Business Title - This may be the same as the title of position, or a title that the employee holding this

    position will  be known by externally (Such as on a business card) 

9. Job Group and Job Grade (as set up in Company > Job Bands)

10. Contract Type,Time Type and Shift Type for this position

11. Availability Date - This is the date that this position was created and became available to fill 

12. Location - Office where this position will be located (as set up in Company > Offices)

13.  Upload any attachments if needed. 

14. Admins can select when to send this employee the Invitation to activate their altHR Profiles - Choose

      between Do Not Send, Set Date to Send, and Send Now.

15. Select Confirm to add this new hire.

How to Send Invitation to Activate Profile 

Employees will only be able to access altHR after they have activated their profile. To do this, admins will have to send out an Invitation that contains the Activation Link. Depending on the Employee's Username Type, this may be via Email or SMS.

If an Employee has Send Invitation in their Actions, this means the employee has not activated their profile. 

If an Employee has Reset Password in their Actions, this means the employee has already activated their profile.

There are 2 ways to send Invitation:

Method 1: allow specific employees to receive an Activation Invitation

1. Head to  People > Employee.

2. Search for the employee and click Actions for the drop down.

3. Select Send Invitation.

4. Click Send Now for an invitation to be sent to the employee immediately, or select to Set a Date where you will be able to select a specific date and time for the invitation to be sent.

5. Click Send Now to complete the action

Method 2: Send (or re-send) an Activation Invitation to ALL employee profiles that are not yet Activated

    1. Head to  People > Employee.

    2. Select Reinvite

3. Select Send Now.  

Note: Kindly ensure that your company has whitelisted altHR domain and email addresses for employees who will be receiving the Activation Invitation via Email.

Employee Statuses

Timeline / Definition
Employee's Start Date has not arrived 
Employee has not been Confirmed as an employee
Employee has been Confirmed as an employee - Does NOT indicate that employee has activated their profile
New Hire
New hires who have confirmed joining but have no confirmed joining date yet

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