For bulk hiring of employees or loading employees to set up the company, kindly download the import template by following the steps below:
People > Import/Export > click "Download altHR Template"

Kindly fill in both sheets of employee details and organisation details on the template, red fields are compulsory. Details and explanations below will guide you on how and where to find the information to fill up the template. Instructions are also provided on the template file.

1. Name
- Organisation information can be found in People > Organisation
- If the organisation exists in the system, kindly key in the exact name.
- Organisation names on this sheet should correspond to the employees sheet in item 3 below. If an organisation is named on the employees sheet, it should be listed here as well.
2. Type
- Company structure information can be found in Company > Profile > Structure 
- Each organisation belongs in one of the categories listed
- If an organisation is not a Division, then specify the parent organisation. Eg. Engineering is a department under the Product Division

3. Organisation
- Every employee reports to an organisation (department or division etc), and this would be the organisation the employee belongs to.
- All organisations listed on this sheet has to correspond to the organisations sheet (see item 1)
- eg. If employee A is in Marketing, then on the organisation sheet, there should be an entry for Marketing as an organisation
4. Hire Date
- Key in date in format of YYYY-MM-DD
5. Job Group and Job Grade
- Job Group and Job Grade information can be found in Company >  Profile > Job Band
- Kindly refer to this page to key in the 4 fields, Job Group, Job Group Name, Job Grade, & Job Grade Name
- Ensure that spelling and entries are exactly as created under Job Bands.

Upon filling up employee and organisation details, admins can upload the saved template onto the same page and click "Start Import"

Employees hired via the import function do not automatically receive an invitation email. Admins can send an invitation email to employees by clicking "Reinvite" on the Employee page, read more here.