What is import employees

As an admin, you are able to import your employee information from manual HR processes and/or other management systems into altHR. You may want to import employees in bulk when initially migrating to altHR or whenever you have a large number of employees you want inputted into altHR.

Before importing employee records, admins must have already completed the organisation structure in altHR. Upon meeting this criteria, admins can import employees in bulk by filling it into the prepared altHR template. 

The template comes in an Excel format where the headers are color coded- red fields are compulsory and green fields are optional. Keep in mind that when compiling the data on the template, sticking to the template’s data format is very important to be able to successfully import data. A list of detailed instructions on the format for the altHR template is available within the downloaded altHR template

To import employees in bulk:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Import/Export.

3. Click on the Import Employee tab.

4. Click Download altHR Template.

5. Key in employee information into this template with the provided format. Go to the Instruction tab   in the altHR template file for format instructions.

Note: Do not edit, delete, or copy information from, or fill information into the Sample Rows (Row 3 & 4 in Organisation Sheet, and Row 3 in Employees Sheet) as they are designed for reference and will not be recognised  in the system upon upload. Begin filling in your data from rows below.


6. Click Choose File. Select the Excel file you have filled in.

7. Confirm by clicking Start Import.

8. After successful importing, you will be able to view your imported employees at

    People > Employees.

What to fill in the altHR Template

1. Organisations tab - Name and Type (generated from the company structure that you have set up

    at Company > Profile > Structure).

2. Employee tab - Fill in the red mandatory fields in the required format. Green fields are optional.