For employees who have problems accessing their accounts, kindly check that:

1. They have the newest version of the mobile app installed on their phones:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

2. They have logged in to the correct web app:

If they are still unable to access their accounts, kindly troubleshoot by sending them an email to reset their password:

1. Head to People > Employee

2. Search for the employee in the search bar

3. Click Action

4. Under the drop-down, click Reset Password.

Employees will receive an email which will guide them to reset the password to their account.

If you do not see the "Reset Password" under the drop down and could only see "Resend Invitation", that means this employee has not activated his/her account. Click "Resend Invitation" to send an invitation email to them to activate their account.

You may reach out to if troubleshoot efforts are not effective.