A default approval routing is the "go-to" approval routing for a policy unless otherwise stated. Before creating the default approval routings, it must exist in the approval routings "bank" under the people module. Kindly read "How do I set up approval routings?"

When setting up the default approval routing, admins will choose from a dropdown of all available routings that was created in the approval routings "bank".

A default approval routing created for the leave module would mean that all leave policies will follow this routing unless otherwise specified. This applies to all modules that work with approval routings.

In the process of setting up a default approval routing, keep in mind to include special routings for certain individuals, organisations or job bands. For example, all leave requests of the management team of the company requires the approval an extra HR personnel, as opposed to the rest of the company, then this routing should be included in the set up of the default approval routings for leaves.

To set up default approval routing, visit
Module > Module settings > Approval Routing

When configuring individual policies, there is an option to apply the default approval routing or not. In the instance where a leave policy does not follow the default approval routing, then the admin may create a custom routing.