• Why should I set up public holidays

When displaying the leave calendar, altHR will pull from public holiday records and workday settings to determine which days are workdays that employees can apply for and deduct the leaves based on the setting.

If you have registered more than one office, for each branch, you will need to edit the work days and hours. Similarly, you would need to set the public holidays for these offices too. 

  • When will I be required to set it up / Are there preset public holidays?

At the start of every year, admins will have to review the public holidays applicable to the company and update accordingly. For example, if your office is in Johor, you will see all relevant national and state holidays have been selected.

For states that observe the Saturday-Sunday weekend, Public Holidays that fall on a Sunday will be replaced with holiday on Monday. Replacement of Public Holidays that fall on an Off Day is up to company policies.

Apart from Malaysia, altHR can also accommodate the following countries’ public holidays:

  • Myanmar
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

  • What if my company has special company holidays (Christmas eve) that are considered as off day for everyone or a certain group of employees?

You are able to set this up. Please refer this article.

  • How to set public holidays

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel. Click Leaves > Settings.

2. Click the Holidays tab on the top panel.

3. Click the Public Holidays tab.

4. Select the office you wish to edit and click Edit / Set for the year you need to edit. (Note: If you do not see offices/ branches here, you have not set them up yet. Learn how to set the offices up.)

5. From the preset public holidays for the specific location, decide whethere you'd like to make it available by toggling on or off.

6. Confirm by clicking on Save.