According to the Malaysian Labour Law, employees are entitled to one Rest day in a week. If a company works 5 days a week, the day which is not a rest day, is considered an Off day.

Rest days and off days differ according to states. A majority of the states in Malaysia define Saturday as the off day and Sunday as the rest day. Whereas Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, and Terengganu, practise a Friday - Saturday weekend.

For states that observe the Saturday-Sunday weekend, Public Holidays that fall on a Sunday will be replaced with holiday on Monday, or the company could replace it with 1 day pay leave in-lieu. Public Holidays that fall on an off day is not required to be replaced.

With the above for guidance, admins may configure company workday settings under
Leave > Leave Settings > Workdays. Off days and rest days will be reflected in employee calendars when applying for leaves.