What is import leave requests

As an admin, you are able to import your historical leave requests from other management systems into AltHR. If your company comes on board altHR halfway through the year, you will probably want to import leave requests for record keeping.

What should I do before importing leave requests

It is recommended to import leave records for the current year to reduce any leave disputes if they arise. 

Before importing leave records, admins must have:

(1) completed configuration of all leave policies 

(2) hired employees onto the platform. 

Upon meeting the criterias, admins can import leave requests by filling them into the prepared template. 

How to import leave requests:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel. Click Leaves > Settings.

2. Click the Import Leave Requests tab.

3. Choose the altHR template. 

4. Click Download Template.

Note: Do not convert the template into any other format such as Google Sheets. This will corrupt the formatting present in the Import Template. Kindly input any data while maintaining it as an Excel Sheet.

5. Paste information from your old management system into this template in the exact same format. There's an instruction sheet in the Excel template for you to follow.

Note: Do not edit, delete, or copy information from, or fill information into the Sample Rows (Row 2 & 3) as they are designed for reference and will not be recognized in the system upon upload. Begin filling in your data from row 

Red fields are compulsory and green are optional. Keep in mind that when compiling the data on the template, sticking to the template’s data format is very important to successfully import data. We recommend you edit data format in the source file and copy them over to the AltHR template file.

6. Once you're done with filling the data in the template. Save it and click Upload Attachment to upload the completed file.

7. Confirm by clicking Start Import

8. If there are errors in the file, an error report will be generated for your review. You may correct the error in your file before importing it.

If there's no error, you're all set!

Leave Request Import Glossary:

Employee ID: 

The Employee ID of the employee who applied for leave

Employee Name: 

The. name of the employee who applied for leave. This Column is Optional

Leave Policy Name: 

The name of the Leave Policy this employee has applied for (Must Match the Name of a Leave Policy that exists in Leaves Module)

Start Date: 

The first date of the leave taken

End Date: 

This column is optional. If the employee had only applied for one day, it can be left blank. If the employee applied for a range of dates, input the last date of leave day.

Half Day: 

Indicate if the leave taken was Half Day or not.


This column is optional. If the employee applied for Half Day leave, you may indicate if it's AM or PM if needed.

Apply Date & Time: 

The Date and Time that the leave request was submitted. If this record is not readily available, any date before the Start Date of the leave can be used.


Use this for optional remarks on the leave application!

Approver's Employee ID: 

The Employee ID of the employee who approved this leave request. 


The Status of this leave request. (Can only be: Approved or Rejected). For pending requests, kindly instruct your employee to apply via altHR after launch.

Approver's Remarks: 

Use this for any optional remarks from the Approver.