Admins are able to manually modify the leave balances of their employees if needed. This comes in handy in situations where:

1. Admins would like to bring Carry Forward Leaves over from the previous year to this year

2. To provide additional or make deductions of leaves. 

3. To amend any discrepancies found in the balance reports. 

To edit leave balance of individual employees:

1. Go to Leaves 

2. Go to Leave Balances 

3. Search for the employee and select View 

4. Select the Leave Policy to modify

5. Select Modify

6. Admins can now select to Add or Deduct Leaves 

7. Select the number of days to add or decuct

8. Select if these leaves expire in the current leave cycle or never expires 

9. Select if you would like to have the Entitlement Adjustment made visible to employees

10. Enter remarks such as 'Carry forward from 2021"

11.  Click on Confirm to confirm modification.