If there are documents that the company would like to share with employees, admins can upload them into the document manager module. Files are uploaded via the admin dashboard to its respective folders and is made available to employees on the mobile app. Document Manager > Select folder > click "Upload New Document"

The document manager module comes ready with 3 folders:
1. Employee Policy Documents
This folder is for basic read-only content. Documents that can be put in this document include employee handbooks and general company information. For each file uploaded, admins are able to configure file access; for files containing sensitive information, admins can limit them to a specific pool of employees to access.

2. Statutory Documents
This folder allows for admins to upload employee-specific documents such as payslip and confirmation letters. Each employee will have their own file and will only be accessible from that employee's account. This folder is still under development, kindly keep an eye out for feature updates.

3. Compliance Sign-Off Documents
Files that are uploaded into this folder allows for employees to "sign-off" on them, to acknowledge they have read the document. Admins are able to trace from the daashboard when and which employees have signed off on the document, and send out reminders to employees who have yet  to do so.

If there are files and documents that fall outside of these 3 categories, admins can create new folders as well.
 Document Manager > click "Create New Folder"

NOTE: Some default documents have been uploaded for reference purposes, kindly remove them if you would not like to see them.