The Checklist module can be found under the dropdown menu of More Modules. The checklist module allows admins to select fields in the employee profile to be highlighted to employees to be filled up, as well as a literal checklist for employees to check off.

From the employees' end, they will find the checklist module under their profile section. As employees complete their checklists, admins will be able to see the updates directly on the rexpective employee profiles on the dashboard.

To begin, go to 
More modules > Checklist > click "Create Checklist"

There are 2 kinds of checklist items when creating one, Module Subcategory and Checkbox. A checklist can consist of only ONE kind of item, and cannot be mixed. One checklist has a 10 item limit, however, admins can create more than 1 checklist.

1. Module Subcategory

By selecting this option, admins are able to select fields that are readily available in the system, such as "My Detail" & "My Compensation". On the employee's end, they will see the respective fields and fill up accordingly on the app.

2. Checkbox

A checkbox as its name suggests is that exactly. Admins are able to create checkbox fields, where employees are only required to check them off. This is useful in cases where there is a list of thing that require confirmation from employees eg. receipt of employee ID tag or work tools.

Upon creating the checklist(s), admins can also configure and limit eligibility for employees who can view and fill a particular checklist.

The checklist module is a good tool to collect employee and new hire information. From the dashboard, admins can view whether employees have completed the checklist and send a reminder to employees if needed.