Thank you for signing up! We're excited that you'd like to onboard with us and give us an attempt.

For company with < 50 employees:

Step 1: Upon submission of the sign-up form on our website, you will receive an email with a link for you to confirm your email address, set your password, and activate your account.

Step 2: After activating your account, you can now login to altHR with your email and password. 

Note: You should receive an email shortly after you sign up. If you have not received any email or have trouble activating your account, kindly write in to us at

For company with > 50 employees:

Step 1: Once we receive your submission, our Business Development team will be in contact with you.

Step 2: Once our Business Development team has confirmed the lead, they will arrange a session with our Customer Success team to see how we can set up for your company needs.

Step 3: After the session, we will kickstart a POC demonstration with your company for a certain period.

Note: If you are not contacted by anyone from our team, we apologize in advance, however, we hope to hear from you. Contact us at so we can get in touch with you soon!