To terminate employees, please login to your altHR admin dashboard and go to

People > Employees >  search employee name > click "Action" > View Profile

When you are on the employee profile page, select Employment Info > click "Action" > Terminate

You will be asked to fill in the termination detail, click "Change Employment" to confirm termination.

Terminated employees will lose access to altHR once it reaches their last employment date. Upon termination, the position will also be vacant in altHR, and admins will be able to hire new joiners into the position. Please read How do I hire employees onto altHR? 

Admins will not be able to rehire terminated employees on altHR. To do so, please write in to with the following details:

Company name as in altHR:

Company admin: 

Reason: Please rehire terminated employee

Resigned employee Details:


Employee ID:

Employee email: