What are Replacement Credits? 

Replacement Credits are NOT a type of leave that employees can apply for. Replacement Credits are a way for employees to receive an extra day of leave entitlement credited into their leave balance, to compensate the employee working on a non-working day.

Admins may award employees Replacement Credits or Employees may apply for Replacement Credits and when this request is approved, they will receive an extra day of leave in their leave balance, and the employee can then apply for leave as usual.

Admins are able to customise which existing Leave Policy Entitlement this replacement credit would be credited to, for example the employees Annual Leave(recommended) or a specifically created Generic Leave named Replacement Leave. 

How can replacement credit be credited into employees' ?

Replacement credit can be credited into the employees' account via 2 methods:

  1. Create a Replacement Credit Policy for employees to request for replacement credit - Read How to Set Up Replacement Credit Policy
  2. Admin allocates replacement credit - as discussed in this article

How to Allocate Replacement Credit to your Employees

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  2. Click Leaves > Balances.

  3. Click More Actions > Replacement Credit

  4. Admins can select to award Replacement Credits to Selected Employees, Selected Locations, or to All Employees Company Wide.

  5. Select the Non-Working Date that the employee worked on

  6. Input the number of leave days to credit to the employee as replacement.

  7. Select the leave policy to credit the replacement credits to.

  8. Select when this Replacement Credit will expire - the employee must utilise this replacement credit before this date. Admins may select durations such as the following:

  9. Click Confirm.

Upon Completion, admins will be able to view this Replacement Credit in Employee Balances Breakdown via the admin dashboard. To view:

  • On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  • Click Leaves and Balances

  • Select View for the employee you wish to view balances

4. Select the leave policy of which the Replacement Credit was Credited to. 

5. You will be able to view the credited day under Entitlement > Replacement Credit 

Note: As the Replacement credit has been credited to the employee's leave balance (adding an extra day to their entitlement) They will just need to apply for AL (or the respective leave policy you had tied the replacement credit to) as usual in order to utilise their Replacement Credit.