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  1. What is Employee Profile 
  2. How to Manage Employee Profile 
  3. To View Employee's Profile 
  4. Details
    • Employment Info 
    • Personal Info
    • Identification 
    • Vehicle Info 
    • Employee's Timeline 

What is Employee Profile 

Each employee hired into your altHR account will have an Employee Profile - this is their employee database. This Profile includes their Employment information such as position details and join date, as well as any personal, contact, compensation and identification details pertaining to the employee. 

How to Manage Employee Profile

Admins are able to Manage Employment Information Read How to Manage Employment Information in Employee Information

Admins are able to View and Edit details in the Employe Profile -The Employee Profile will contain an employee's Details, Employee's Contacts, Compensation Information, Family and Beneficiaries Information and Other information. In this Article we will explore how to view and edit Employee Details in the Employee Profile

To View Employee's Profile 

  1. Head to People > Employees
  2. Select Active Employees tab
  3. Type in the employee's name in the search button
  4. Click the Action button to drop down the available actions for the employee
  5. Select View Profile


Employment Information 

Read Here

Personal Information 

Admins are able to view and edit the Personal, Birth, Citizenship and Additional Information in an employee's Personal Information section of Employee Profile.

1. To Edit Personal Information, select Personal Info > Edit

2. Edit the required details as needed 

3. Select Confirm to save changes


Admins are able to view and edit the identification information such as National ID or Passport information. This is to help with any registration processes or travel arrangements.

1. To Add ID, select Identification > Add New Identification 

2. Fill in the ID Type (National ID/Passport/Driver's License

3. Fill in the ID Number 

4. Fill in the Expiry Date OR Select Not Applicable if this Identification does not have an Expiry Date  

5. Enter Identification Issuant's Name

6. Select Confirm to save this Identification

Vehicle Information 

This section is used for admins to keep track of employee's vehicle information, in cases of needing to prepare parking spaces for employees or office parking being accessible to specific employee vehicles only. 

Employees can select "I Do Not Need Parking" if an employee will be needing a parking space prepared for them, to keep track of which employees do or do not need parking spaces. 

1. To add a vehicle, select Vehicle Info > Create New

2. Select the Vehicle Type 

3. Key in the Registration Number (license plate number) of the vehicle 

4. Enter the vehicle's Brand and Model

5. If this is the employee's most often used vehicle when coming into office, admins can list this vehicle as Primary vehicle

6. Select Confirm to save this vehicle.

Employee's Timeline 

This displays the employee's milestones in the company. Here admins will be able to see the employee's Join Date, Anniversaries, promotions or movements in the company, as well as selected profile updates when done manually. 

This information cannot be edited. 

1. To view employee Timeline, select Employee's Timeline

to learn more about the Contact details in employee profile, read here How to Manage Contacts in Employee Profile